There’s an Elephant Book Series

Theories for Visual Arts Practice

There is a void in visual arts theoretical frameworks. Without robust teacher engagement, children flounder and give up. This book presents four robust frameworks that are compatible with contemporary socio-cultural, historical theory.


Visual Arts Curriculum and Pedagogy

When arts processes and playful encounters with materials are positioned as a place for learning, children embrace the visual arts as a rich meaning making tool. This book demonstrates the rich creative opportunities the visual arts offer.


Working with Artists and Museums

This book celebrates the richness and joy that interactions with artists, art processes and art museums can add to our life experiences.


Art for Cultural Connection

Through exploring the intersection between art and culture the authors in this book demonstrate pathways to, connection, belonging and empowered identity for children, families and educators.


Research in the Visual Arts

Research at the intersection of visual arts and early childhood is beginning to turn a corner, with new and innovative methods. Researchers are interested in the lived experiences of children doing art and their artistic repertoires.


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