About Our Conferences 

The International Association for Art in Early Childhood convenes biennial conferences that focus on the visual arts in early childhood. Conferences aim to have a balance of research, workshops and exhibitions. We have participants and presentations from educators, students, artists and academics. We try to balance the venues to include Northern and Southern hemispheres alternately. Usually, the best of the conference goes into our Journal. Parties interested in hosting a conference put forward a proposal to the membership meeting at the current conference. The members vote for the best proposal.  Members support conferences through sharing expertise, encouraging new participants and by attending. Our next conference is tentatively planned to be held in Exeter, England is 2023. 

About our Virtual Symposiums

Since the global pandemic we have had to rethink our conference platform. In February 2021 we hosted a very successful virtual symposium with just over 1000 participants from around the world. Instead of a journal, many of the presentations were edited and made into a series of eBooks that expanded on the themes of the symposium. These books are for sale on this site. We are considering another symposium mid-year of 2022.  

For more information about the International Association of Art in Early Childhood and our teaching resources, please contact us.