2018 Research Journal #1

International Art in Early Childhood Research Journal

Dr Margaret Brooks,

University of New England, Armidale NSW Australia

Dr Tshering Wangmo,

Royal University of Bhutan.

Special thanks to:

Mr Michael Brooks, for his wonderful support.

Copy Editor, Naureen Taylor, Armidale, NSW

Formatting, Merran Pearson, University of New England, Armidale, NSW


The 7th International Art in Early Childhood Conference was held in the College of Education in Paro, Bhutan in April of 2017. The venue was as stunning as the conference. The conference committee not only did an outstanding job of hosting the conference but they also made sure we were able to have time to visit some of their beautiful country and its cultural icons like the famous Paro Taktsang monastery, also known as the Tigers Nest. For the more than 120 participants it was the trip of a lifetime. We extend a big thanks to the conference committee and students of Paro College for an excellent conference.

This volume of the International Art in Early Childhood Research Journal has eight articles. The articles are very diverse; from local funds of knowledge to more practical aspects like apps for portfolios. Terrini, Loveridge, Zhou and Denee work closely with preschool teachers and art projects. They provided us with wonderful close ups of research in practice. In this multi cultural project the focus is on Cultural Identity. Lifschitz Grant also works closely with preschools, educators and families. Her paper is an action based study that aims to demonstrate how collaborative art projects with families can enhance home/school partnerships through the arts.

It is wonderful to have contributions from PhD students and their theses. They bring us new perspectives on the arts in early childhood. Sarah Probine shares a few of her findings. Her paper focuses on the contextual factors that influence young children’s values and the use of the visual arts in their learning.  Marg Rogers presents us with an interesting and innovative research method that honours the essence of art processes. Tshering Wangmo’s article draws on the work of Louis Moll to examine the drawings of young children as they transition from home to school.  She explains how an awareness of the zones of possibilities for the child is made visible through the drawings and how they can promote stronger continuity between home and school. Rosemary Richard’s article also focuses on children’s drawings. She explored how drawings can reveal a child’s sense of identity.

A couple of the articles have very practical advice for classroom teachers. Sonter and Jones’ interesting article explains how drawing can support young children’s executive functioning.  And Bird, Grono and Schmude present us with a wonderful organizational tool to manage young children’s art portfolios.

We hope you enjoy these articles. Please join us at the next conference. Art as Dialogue, the 8th International Art in Early Childhood conference (Thursday 24 January – Sunday 27 January, 2019), is an opportunity to share current research about the role that visual art and aesthetics education play in young children’s lives.  The conference will be hosted by Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.

Emese HallUniversity of Exeter, United Kingdom

Felicity McArdleQueensland University of Technology, Australia

Linda KnightUniversity of Canberra, Australia

Lisa TerreniUniversity of Wellington, New Zealand

Margaret BrooksUniversity of New England, Australia

Rosemary RichardsAustralian Catholic University, Australia

Kathy Danko McGheeFirst Encounters, USA

Andre Sava, University of Cyprus

Tshering Wangmo, Royal University of Bhutan

Rebecca Shipe, Rhode Island College, USA

Disclaimer: The views in this journal do not necessarily reflect the views of the editors

Article 1 Lisa Terreni, Judith Loveridge, Rachel Denee & Jing (Jane) Zhou
Awarua and the dragon: Enhancing young children’s, teachers’ and parents’ sense of place and cultural identity through art and storytelling
Article 2
Jo Bird, Stephen Grono & Martin Schmude
ARTefacts: Managing children’s art porftolios
Article 3 Naomi Lifschitz-Grant
Collaborative art-making experiences as a means to promote family involvement in an early childhood classroom
Article 4
Sarah Probine
The visual arts as a means to transmit and experience values
Article 5
Marg Rogers
Listening to children’s voices through art: Communicating experiences and understandings in mosaic research
Article 6
Lisa Sonter & Desley Jones
Drawing as a tool to support children’s executive function in play
Article 7
Tshering Wangmo
Between the lines and beyond the pages: Through the art of a child
Article 8
Rosemary Richards
Belonging in a family, being a girl and becoming a woman: Exploring roles and identities through drawings

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